Samvel Marutyan's 'Summons' presented in a portrait orientation, the abstract painting's vibrant colors and dynamic brushwork make it a standout piece.
Colorful abstract artwork by Samvel Marutyan, hung on a light wall above a Scandinavian style dining area, complementing a bright, airy room.
Framed abstract painting 'Summons' by Samvel Marutyan, featuring bold strokes of green, red, and yellow, creating a lively contrast against a white backdrop.
Abstract expressionist painting by Samvel Marutyan, with vibrant splashes of green and red, displayed on a wall beside a modern vase with dry branches.
Close-up of Samvel Marutyan's abstract painting 'Summons,' highlighting the rich texture and energetic color palette of reds, greens, and blues.
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"Summons," an abstract creation by Armenian Artist Samvel Marutyan, is not merely a painting but an invocation, beckoning the observer into a visceral experience of art. The composition is a masterful chaos, a deliberate yet spontaneous harmony of color and motion that charges the atmosphere with expectancy.

Marutyan's canvas becomes a battleground of hues, where the fiery reds, lush greens, and deep blues are not just seen but felt, each stroke a resonant chord in the symphony of the piece. The abstract forms suggest a landscape more emotional than geographical, a place where the subconscious mind is both lost and found.

This artwork challenges the viewer to listen with their eyes—to hear the 'summons' of the untamed, almost musical arrangement of shapes and colors. It's a testament to Marutyan's ability to speak through abstraction, where the language of color is more articulate than words, and the call to delve deeper into the canvas is irresistible.

"Summons" is a conversation starter, a statement piece that doesn't just hang but lives, pulsating with the life force imbued by its creator. It's a siren call to the lovers of art, an abstract whisper that shouts to be understood not with the mind, but with the soul.

Artist: Samvel Marutyan
Medium: Acrylic on Paper
Subject: Abstract Theme: Abstract Impressions and Emotional Exploration
Style: Contemporary, Abstract
Dimensions: 14"x11"
Year: 2011


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