Childhood Memories
Childhood Memories
Childhood Memories
Childhood Memories
Childhood Memories

Childhood Memories

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  • Oil on Canvas, 22" x 22"
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"Childhood Memories" by Lilit Soghomonyan is a poignant exploration of the formative years, rendered in the forgiving and lush medium of oil on canvas. Measuring 22 x 22 inches, this contemporary figurative piece, created in 2017, speaks volumes about the tender and often nebulous recollections of early life.
Soghomonyan has chosen a warm and inviting palette that conjures the glow of nostalgia; the rich reds and gentle yellows mingle to create a backdrop of comfort and emotional richness. The central figure is depicted with a softness of form and a certain ambiguity that invites personal connection. There's an impressionistic approach to the figure's depiction, hinting at the universality of childhood experiences—blurred, yet deeply felt.
The application of the oil paint is both deliberate and free, with broad, textured strokes that lend a tangible depth to the work. One can almost feel the layers of memory being constructed, each brushstroke representing a building block of the past. The bold application of paint creates a sense of movement, perhaps indicating the fleeting nature of childhood itself.
Soghomonyan's "Childhood Memories" is less a literal representation than it is a feeling made visible. It captures not just an image, but an essence, a whisper of the child within all of us. The figure’s pose—folded into itself, perhaps in sleep or contemplation—evokes the universal postures of infancy and the inward focus of early development.
This painting, with its abstracted form and evocative color scheme, challenges the viewer to reflect on their childhood and the emotions associated with it. It is a canvas that acts as a mirror to our past, inviting introspection and a reconnection with parts of ourselves that we may have forgotten. Soghomonyan has created a piece that is both deeply personal and widely accessible, a testament to the enduring significance of our earliest years.

  • Artist: Lilit Soghomonyan
  • Title: Childhood Memories
  • Medium: Oil on Canvas
  • Style: Contemporary, Figurative
  • Dimensions: 22 x 22 x O.75 in 
  • Year: 2017


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