With a Little Cupid in his Hands
With a Little Cupid in his Hands
With a Little Cupid in his Hands
With a Little Cupid in his Hands
With a Little Cupid in his Hands

With a Little Cupid in his Hands

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  • Mixed Media on Paper, 12" x 8"
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In "With a Little Cupid in his Hands," Lilit Soghomonyan presents a visual narrative that is as tender as it is evocative. The mixed media artwork, measuring a delicate 12 by 8 inches, is a recent addition to her oeuvre, dated 2023, and continues to showcase her mastery of contemporary, figurative style.
Soghomonyan employs an economy of line and color to create a composition that is simultaneously intimate and universal. The central figure, rendered with a minimalist touch, holds a smaller form—Cupid, the mythological harbinger of love. The interplay between the figures is not just physical but deeply emotional, their bond conveyed through the gentle curvature of lines and the soft, almost imperceptible blend of hues.
The choice of mixed media adds a tactile depth to the piece, with the paper's texture playing a significant role in the overall experience. The use of stark black lines outlines the forms, while smudges of grey and bursts of yellow suggest a dynamism that is both controlled and spontaneous. This technique effectively portrays the fluttering uncertainty of Cupid's presence.
Soghomonyan’s work often explores the themes of connection and affection, and in this piece, these elements are at the forefront. The figure's gaze, directed outward, invites the viewer to contemplate the nature of love and the role of the divine in human relationships. "With a Little Cupid in his Hands" becomes more than an artwork; it is a conversation about the delicate dance between the ethereal and the earthly.
What is particularly striking in this piece is Soghomonyan's ability to encapsulate complex emotional states with such visual simplicity. It’s a testament to her skill that she can evoke so much feeling from such restraint. The artwork is a fitting addition to the contemporary art landscape, offering a fresh perspective on the age-old subject of love and its myriad expressions.
  • Artist: Lilit Soghomonyan
  • Title: With a Little Cupid in his Hands
  • Medium: Mixed Media on Paper
  • Style: Contemporary, Figurative
  • Dimensions: 12 x 8 in 
  • Year: 2023


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